Dog Days of Summer

We are truly in the middle of the dog days of summer and the Humane Society has some dogs that are getting depressed. This is partly due to the heat and also because they feel nobody wants them. These are really good dogs and we know that because we have had them a long time. Now grant you they are not fluffy or curly or cute little pups but they are wonderful larger dogs. Yes they are all american mutts and that is not a bad thing, in fact most folks believe that mutts are the best pets ever. They have so much to give if just given the chance. Mutts don’t ask much of you except for love and the necessities of life. In return the owner will get never ending loyalty, love, protection, forgiveness, kisses and someone always happy to see them when they comehome. Can it get any better than that?  We have seven of these larger dogs and we are offering them at special prices to the right homes. Possible owners must have a secure yard where they can play and we will check that out.

Come by the High Desert Humane Society Dog rescue, take a look at these beautiful dogs. You We are at 150 W. Mesquite Street in the blue building behind the Thrift Store in Globe.

Remember to spay or neuter your pets.

There are too many homeless animals. Our next low cost spay/neuter clinic will be Aug. 29. Call 928-961-5482 and leave a message to reserve a space. We will contact those interest by Aug. 29.


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