Arizona Apache Youth Awarded $15,000 in College Scholarships


Arizona Apache youth were awarded $15,000 in college scholarships presented by Resolution Copper. Each year, Resolution Copper offers $3,000 scholarships to Native American youth who are high school seniors. In consultation with education, tribal and community leaders, recipients were selected based on the student’s academic ability, commitment to excellence, community outreach and leadership potential.

Resolution Copper’s Communities Team presented recipients with the scholarship awards throughout the month of May and attended school awards assemblies, education banquets and special presentations.

“We believe in educating and investing in the youth of our communities. Tribal youth represent the future of Arizona, and we care deeply about supporting students to achieve their highest potential as individuals and leaders in the community,” said Resolution Copper Project Director Andrew Lye.

Resolution Copper presented each of the following students with a $3,000 scholarship:

Laney M Lupe, White Mountain Apache Tribe, Alchesay High School

Tyra Ethelbah Morenci White Mountain Apache Tribe, Morenci High School

Shailene Kristen Edwards, San Carlos Tribe, Globe High School

Shalicia Colelay, White Mountain Apache Tribe, Alchesay High School

Honesty Ivy Aday, White Mountain Apache Tribe, Marcos De Niza High School

“We are very proud of our Apache youth who have reached this milestone in their lives. We appreciate the opportunities created from external community partners that support the fulfillment of our vision of education for our youth,” said Vice Chairman Jerome Kasey.

In addition to Native American Scholarships, Resolution Copper also provides scholarships to other local high school students. Since the inception of the scholarship program, the company has awarded a total of 172 scholarships totaling $674,000. As a community partner, Resolution Copper is committed to the investment in local communities and the development of local economics and workforce.

About Resolution Copper

The Resolution Copper Project is operated by Resolution Copper Mining, which is a limited liability company owned 55 percent by Resolution Copper Company (a Rio Tinto PLC subsidiary) and 45 percent by BHP Copper Inc. (a BHP PLC subsidiary). Resolution Copper is a proposed copper mine capable of producing nearly 25 percent of US copper demand each year, making it one of the largest copper producers in North America.

The project will generate sustainable benefits for Arizona, creating many direct and indirect jobs and is expected to have an economic value of several billion dollars over the estimated life of the mine.