Dave Forsberg

Letter For My Dad Dave Forsberg 1957-2023


Have you ever met someone who put you in awe? My dad did. He was well-rounded in literature, globally cultured, current on domestic and international news, firearms, electrical, etc. He was a true “Jack of all trades.” Growing up he was always my constant, stable voice of reason. Unbiased, patient and practical; one couldn’t feel more secure in his presence. An avid listener of NPR; I slowly adopted the same station despite the pleas around me. Turning on NPR is going to be a little harder for me, but I’d like to think this is how our current event discussions can still go on.

While he didn’t teach me how to dance (thankfully), he did teach me proper gun safety and always made sure to keep the guns and ammo packed and ready when I came to Arizona so we could go out to the range and I could blow off steam.

A man who abides by the law - may or may not have sent me mace (illegal in NYC) to make sure I felt a little more protected and always sent a new package before expiration.

Thank you, Dad, for doing everything you didn’t have to do and for being the best dad you didn’t have to be to me.

I don’t know what this life will be like without him - I’m just happy that I got to have him in my life for as long as I did.

If you would like to share any memory, stories or pictures please send them to RememberingDaveForsberg@gmail.com and I’d love to share it with our family.

Love, Kourtnii